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Special Offer

The SharePoint Starter Pack is available for purchase until 31 December 2013.     Download the 30 day trial now!   

If you take advantage of this offer, you will be saving up to R200 000

*Amount is based on a 4 server farm


Attend our upcoming series of webinars to gain a deeper understanding of the components of the ‘SharePoint Starter Pack’ journey:
• Driving a Cost Effective, Business Aware Migration to SharePoint 2013

• Winning Strategies for Comprehensive and Successful Backup and Recovery for Microsoft SharePoint

• Best Practices for Implementing Scalable SharePoint Management and Reporting


Download the SharePoint Starter Pack  Brochure



We realise that those new to SharePoint face similar challenges when it comes to managing users, protecting SharePoint assets and reporting on user activity and infrastructure changes as SharePoint’s native capabilities can only go so far.

The 'SharePoint Starter Pack' is an extension of SharePoint's native capabilities and adds a significant benefit to the administration and management functionality available to the IT team.

This application suite has been created to help new and emerging customers migrate content, manage users, protect their SharePoint assets and report on user activity and infrastructure changes.

What's included in the SharePoint Starter Pack?

SharePoint Migration – Migration is an important step at the beginning of any SharePoint journey. With our migration promotion, you will receive 50GB of data FREE of charge.

SharePoint Management – ​Simplify SharePoint administration and governance enforcement of all your SharePoint environments with truly centralised management.

SharePoint Protection –Protect your SharePoint assets with both item-level and full system backup and disaster recovery and retain immutable copies of SharePoint content in compliance with records management policies.

SharePoint Reporting – Obtain comprehensive real-time Intelligence about your SharePoint deployment and how it is being used.

For more information or to setup a meeting please contact

Tolani Olagbaju                                                                                                                                     Business Development Manager, AvePoint                                                                                        Office. +27 (21) 3002371 . Ext 2118                                                                                                             Email.

Download the 30 day trial now!


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