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How to fix SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016 Workflows that “Failed on Start”

By Tiaan Rossouw, Office 365 Practice Lead for Intervate After a recent .NET Framework security update is run on servers, SharePoint on premise workflows have stopped running. The security update is the .NET Framework September 2018 Security and Quality Rollup. It is designed to fix the identified CVE-218-8421 .NET vulnerability, but this has the side-effect […]

Array of local Cloud services will spur faster digitisation of SA Inc

Microsoft recently announced that its Microsoft Cloud would be delivered from data centres in Cape Town and Johannesburg. This follows the news that T-Systems SA and Huawei will bring Open Telekom Cloud (an Open Stack public cloud platform) to local shores; and other providers preparing to establish their own datacentres around the country.

Could your next chit-chat be with a Chatbot?

We’ve all experienced the frustration: dialling call centres, waiting on line, listening to elevator music, having calls dropped, or patched through to other departments, only to finally speak to someone and then receive sketchy customer service.

Accessing SAP via a Chatbot

As an innovation project, Intervate, a T-Systems company identified two business problems that could be solved by a chatbot. Intervate identified two such problems, one was the sales team getting invoices out of SAP Financials and the second was Room Booking whilst on the move.

T-Systems sees early results of chatbot technology

As a global technology leader, it’s important that T-Systems explores breakthrough innovations within its own business. Often, services are tested and refined within the company, and then released out into T-Systems’ client environments as fully-fledged offerings.

Intervate announces launch plans for Smart Citizen

Having already been successfully utilised to power the Johannesburg Road Agency Find and Fix mobile app, Intervate’s Citizen Reporting Framework service is currently being re-positioned as “Smart Citizen”. Designed to enable bi-directional engagement and communication between citizens and their local authorities and service providers, the Smart Citizen product makes use of the most universal technology that most citizens have –  a smartphone equipped with GPS and a camera. It connects citizens and authorities to help improve the environment, service levels and customer satisfaction.

Beyond the chatter: how chatbots will evolve into practical tools

With research showing that the number of new app downloads is slowing down, it’s clear that customers are becoming pickier about the apps on their phones and tablets. The slowdown also points to a phenomenon of ‘app fatigue’ – we’re getting tired of continually updating all our apps, of learning different UX and navigation principles, or remembering passwords.