Patients are increasingly becoming stakeholders in their own care journeys; they demand transparency in access and information about their care and importantly, about the quality of service provided. The medical industry must respond to trends to serve these tech savvy patients and constituents. Some of the trends that industries must respond to are:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The trend towards cloud computing is impacting many industries, and healthcare is certainly one of them. Providers are beginning to show increasing affinity towards the lower upfront costs, monthly pricing model, lack of IT infrastructure, and remote accessibility associated with web-based applications.
  • Mobile computing. Going hand in hand with SaaS, healthcare providers are finding themselves increasingly on the go and accessing systems from multiple offices, home, and mobile devices. Tablet support are becoming increasingly common.
  • ONC certification. As most healthcare professionals are aware, the HITECH Act of 2009 requires the use of electronic medical records systems by 2015. Eligible providers can subsequently qualify for $44,000 in stimulus funds by demonstrating “meaningful use” of ONC-ATCB certified EMRs. This ONC-ATCB certification is going to be nearly essential for EMR vendors to survive, unless their target customers will not qualify for stimulus funds

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