Intervate assists Santam to close the intermediary gap with its extranet broker portal

The Business Problem

With such a strong emphasis on the network of intermediaries, Santam required a digital solution to facilitate the interactions between intermediaries and the company.

The key requirement was for intermediaries to easily, immediately and cost-effectively manage their customers’ portfolios – preferably in a self-service manner. The main activities include:

• Managing existing customers’ portfolios – such as updating policies and customer details

• Processing claims on behalf of customers

Previously, intermediaries were required to either call into Santam’s contact centre, or submit claims via fax. Many of these interactions were simple “low value, high volume” activities that created an operational headache for Santam, increased costs, and lengthened fulfilment timelines.

In other cases, certain intermediaries were accessing the Santam mainframe directly – which was not a user-friendly solution, created unnecessary complexity, and posed vulnerability problems.

The Solution

Santam took a broad, enterprise-wide view of its IT environment. It decided to hinge its modernisation programme on three flagship projects: Upgrading the mainframe computing system (using Guidewire as the policy management platform), integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and building a new Web-based Extranet for all intermediary interactions.

It selected Intervate to develop the Extranet portal – using SharePoint 2010 to expose a number of enterprise services in an intuitive interface available to intermediaries from anywhere in the world.

At the heart of the solution lies an enterprise service bus (ESB) which pulls together 16 disparate systems, unifying and then surfacing them in a user-friendly and highly secure way via the Extranet. This form of SOA-based implementation means intermediaries are able to access a wide range of services – from booking new business, to modifying policies, to submitting and tracking claims

The screenshots below show various processes from a quote request, claim ticket and claim status.

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