Intervate helps TFG (The Foschini Group) foster greater collaboration and information-sharing with new Intranet

The Business Problem

TFG needed to evolve their Intranet from being an essentially static document hosting service, to a more dynamic environment that made fi nding information easier, encouraged collaboration between teams, and facilitated internal communication and innovation. With over 6,000 head offi ce, administrative and fi eld management staff required to access the Intranet, the user-base is large and the various needs of users is highly complex. It became clear that helping users fi nd updated and correct information has a direct impact on the company’s ability to provide excellent customer experiences. Being a fashion-leading, contemporary brand, it is important that every aspect of TFG’s services promotes that strong focus on fashion and design.

The Solution

Partnering with Intervate – an enterprise information management (EIM) specialist and a T-Systems Company – TFG distilled the vision of its new Intranet to be: “A place where everyone in the business can feel connected, to be as one. A central location where people communicate, collaborate and share knowledge.” The strategy – which focused on the three core EIM areas of collaboration, content management, and search – was to change the way employees in the head offi ce work together. In just nine months and with a fi xed budget, the team built a new solution to support employees in the head offi ce, regional offi ces, distribution centres and fi eld management. The solution features rich visual designs that emphasise the top company news in a rotating carousel, key performance indicators, as well as leadership messages, updates from the various retail divisions, and those simpler features like birthdays, work anniversaries, canteen menus and weather forecasts.

The screen shots below provide an insight to the design, which Intervate and TFG won a place in the Nielsen Norman Group 2015 Design Annual for.

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