Mediclinic reinvents Doctor communication with Microsoft SharePoint







Business Problem

Mediclinic strives to provide globally benchmarked patient safety and care that lives up to its brand promise of ‘Expertise you can Trust’.

Regular and reliable communication with its extensive network of doctors and medical practitioners is therefore a vital factor to Mediclinic’s ongoing success. As such, it is critical that the organisation consistently endeavours to align its interests with the healthcare practitioners responsible for patient care.

Although Mediclinic’s traditional communication system of network marketing managers, newsletters, emails and roadshows had proven effective in the past, the organisation had a marked requirement for a dynamic and secure platform that doctors could use at any time to access general and individually tailored content authored centrally by Mediclinic.


After careful evaluation, Mediclinic made the decision that Microsoft SharePoint would be a fitting platform to facilitate secure information and document sharing with its network of doctors and healthcare services providers.

The screen shots below show the Doctors’ landing page and the profile page of the tablet sized application.

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