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    It’s time to focus on the customer

The world around us is changing at ever increasing speeds. And with it, grows the complexities that we need to face. These changes are not isolated to any industry, but also impacts you, your company and your people’s everyday lives.

Digitalization opens new opportunities but also challenges us to be ready for consistent customer and employee experiences – around the clock and across all channels with a constantly high service standard. To be able to weather the changing world around us, successful companies need to be in a position to adapt at increasing speed, meeting customer and employee expectations.

This requires a paradigm shift in how we do things. How we plan and how we execute. And now is the time to embrace this changing environment to your benefit.

Design Thinking Labs

Design Thinking Labs is a powerful framework to face the unknown and ever-changing future. Design Thinking is mainstream in the business world and even part of business strategies as it improves the way new offerings are created.

If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.

Albert Einstein

Will it work for me and my company?

Design Thinking Labs can be applied to any kind of business problem and works for all types of companies, of any size. It is a framework that can accelerate Digital Transformation.

At the core, your organisation will become continuously immersed into your customer’s perspective through systemically adopting Design Thinking to add value to your customer’s journey.

Design Thinking Labs fundamentally changes the way your company will work and how you grow your business.

Design Thinking – your biggest opportunity to be a leading disruptor.

The Design Process

design thinking

Design Thinking uses a highly collaborative and dynamic user-centered process for problem-solving. The process guides you from the very beginning to the end of your projects but also the mindset developed through our Design Thinking Labs could support you when tackling daily challenges.

The process is characterized by a holistic way of thinking that always considers the bigger picture and the context you are designing in and for. As we believe in collaboration and participation, the process is made to involve and co-create with all relevant stakeholders across the different phases.

User-centricity arises through building empathy with your target audience. By immersing into their perspective and exploring their needs, you build the foundation to create meaningful solutions.

The process can be run iteratively and relies on agile and rapid development stages with early prototyping. For all of this, you need to take one step back and search without bias for the optimum solution for the target audience. As a result, project/delivery goals are met faster and cheaper.

Working Principles

Start small but start

Restrict the work packages and focus on the most important tasks at hand. Enable the fastest possible visible and verifiable interim results to test and continously improve with users. Reject ideas early on and embrace the occassional failure so they lose most of their factor.

Focus on people

Your work is based on the needs of the people who will be affected by your activities. Empathizing with people and reaching a deep understanding of their requirements and the context in which they operate is essential for creating long-lasting solutions.

Build on the ideas of others

Create transparency regarding your work and share your knowledge consistently. At the same time, you should build on the ideas of others, thereby creating synergies.

Respond to change over following a plan

Always look ahead, but also take the time to look back and review. This way you set the stage for continously being able to adapt your project to changing needs or general requirements.

Be brave, think beyond

Create progress by breaking your routines. Use your target audience/customers’ needs as your most important source of inspiration. In this way you question existing ideas and make room for creative and refreshingly new ones. You can check their feasability in subsequent development stages.


A variety of innovative design methods brings the design process to life. Corresponding with the process phases, they can be compiled based on your current business challenges.

With a plug and play approach the methods can also be applied for single tasks or in daily routines to create real value for your team and your working results.

The Intervate Design Thinking Labs team will guide you in our process with a number of relevant tools to support your journey of discovery.

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