#GoMobile With Intervate

Intervate, a T-Systems’ subsidiary in South Africa and the country’s foremost provider of enterprise information management (EIM) solutions, has launched its #GoMobile campaign, aimed at promoting its portfolio of business mobility solutions. T-Systems supports its customers in the transformation of classic ICT services into new business models, because mobility is an essential part of the digitisation strategies of T-Systems’ customers.

The #GoMobile campaign will focus on Intervate’s mobile app development offerings that leverage its skills and experience in the EIM field to provide solutions designed at improving agility and providing a competitive advantage in an increasingly mobile-enabled ecosystem.

Intervate sales director Marc Fletcher says the mobility solutions can help businesses enhance business processes and improve employee and customer experience and service delivery. The mobile app, according to Fletcher, is just the “technology enabler”, improving productivity and reducing costs.

The #GoMobile team provides consulting and research, app design and development, commerce and mobile payments, hosting, maintenance and support, and app store optimisation.

“Enterprise customers who wish to build their own internal and business-to-business apps, or to engage customers with marketplace apps, can consult with Intervate’s dynamic team on analysis, solution architecture, mobile UX and UI design and development.”

Intervate has launched a number of successful corporate and community applications. These include Road Accident Fund, Telkom Knockout Tournament and Citizen Scientist, all of which are in the Windows App Store. App development on iOS and Android has also now been added to the portfolio and new apps on these platforms will be published in coming months.

The FMC (Fix-My-City) Framework is a reusable app framework developed by Intervate which utilises the common components of a smartphone. These components include the global positioning system (GPS), the 3G or Wi-Fi receiver, and the camera. These tools have been key to Intervate’s early successes in mobility and have illuminated a host of interesting business needs which Intervate is ideally positioned to meet.

The FMC framework’s flexibility and adaptability has enabled it to be utilised in a variety of ways and across multiple industries. For instance, it can be used in a retail store setting, where a store manager can capture shop fittings that need to be replaced or repaired and send them to the relevant contractor. The GPS coordinates are recognised as being within a defined geo-fence and, therefore, a specific store location, enabling case management on a store-location basis.

Another potential use of the FMC Framework is capturing health and safety issues in an industrial plant. Once again geo-fences can be used to identify areas aligned with GPS coordinates for the exact locations, ultimately passing the information to an ERP system or case management solution. The Intervate SHEQ app will be published to the app store shortly.

Utilising a smartphone’s camera and GPS sounds very simplistic, but it is precisely this simplicity that makes apps like FMC effective. Simplifying processes by using the native features of a phone and customising it to cater for the individual or business needs is the key to its success. This allows the entire task to be completed in a handful of logical steps, using an intuitive interface familiar to users.

Intervate is focused on providing end-to-end services that encompass the entire mobile solution development lifecycle, including consultation, value proposition, app development, training, support and maintenance.

The company prides itself on the numerous accolades, testimonials and awards it has acquired that speak to its commitment to excellence. Most recently, it was chosen as a Microsoft Partner of the Year for 2013.