Intervate demonstrates enterprise search

Intervate, South Africa’s foremost provider of Enterprise Information Management Solutions (EIM), will host a discussion on the benefits of solution-based enterprise search functionality at the SharePoint Saturday event – due to be held in Northriding, Johannesburg on 8 June 2013 and again during a seminar held at Microsoft on 10 June 2013.

During the presentation Intervate’s search specialist, Paul Niemand, will present an overview on how smarter search functionality within the SharePoint 2013 environment is changing the face of modern business. Furthermore, the Intervate team will demonstrate the importance of a powerful corporate search solution, rather than a search technology, as an enabler of success within the organisation.

All too often, corporate information is too broadly scattered throughout the organisation’s data management systems to be of use to those who really need it. In today’s knowledge economy, information is power. Search is not simply an afterthought; it is a critical contributor towards business productivity, believes Niemand.

“A business lacking a comprehensive search solution is at risk of compromising its own efficiency. Without easy access to critical information employees are simply unable to operate effectively.

“Fortunately, SharePoint 2013 has brought with it exciting new functionality which combines the best of SharePoint 2010 search, FAST search and elements found in Microsoft’s Bing search engine. We look forward to demonstrating these at SharePoint Saturday and at Conversations with Intervate in June.”

Existing SharePoint 2013 users are likely to be familiar with the elements Niemand references. The “out of the box” search functionality bundled within this platform has, in many ways, revolutionised corporate information retrieval.

Improved features include native PDF indexing, federated location search, mailbox search and improved scalability while an updated user interface has made it easier for employees to find what they’re looking for – resulting in a richer search experience.

“The changes implemented within Microsoft SharePoint 2013 are significant. We would like to invite any business interested in finding out more to join us at SharePoint Saturday or Conversations with Intervate,” concludes Niemand.