Intervate helps enterprise take pragmatic, step-by-step approach on “Journey to the Cloud”

Cloud-based architecture continues to be a top point of discussion within the IT industry, and enterprises have either taken the first steps on their journey to the cloud, or are currently examining the possibilities.

7th April 2015, Press Release, Peter Reid, Head of SharePoint Solutions

However, while for smaller companies migrating to the cloud is a simple task, for the enterprise it is a substantial process that requires significant time and investment, and simply moving the entire architecture into the cloud is not a viable option. These organisations need to take a pragmatic view of exactly where cloud migration makes sense and produces business transformation, and where traditional on-premises solutions remain the best option.

In light of this growing challenge, Intervate, a T-Systems company, will be hosting the “Journey to the Cloud”, an event designed to break down the mammoth task of cloud migration into a more manageable framework. A number of global industry thought leaders will share insight into cloud technologies for enterprise and how organisations can begin their cloud journey or capitalise on existing cloud investment, as well as real-world examples of moving a large, complex organisation into the cloud using a hybrid model.

“We believe that enterprises can gain enormous benefit from migrating certain functionality to the cloud; however, deciding which functionality and how to go about doing so can be a daunting task. A hybrid environment is often the most beneficial approach, but lack of knowledge and information can prove to be a significant stumbling block. The Journey to the Cloud aims to help businesses understand the potential of the cloud for their business, break up the journey into manageable steps, and understand how the right partner can help them to achieve their cloud ambition optimally,” says Peter Reid, SharePoint Solutions Head at Intervate.

At the event, Uriel Rootshtain from Microsoft will deliver an introduction of a hybrid approach to the cloud, the cloud from a Microsoft perspective, as well as the benefits of the Microsoft stack in the cloud. Reid will share his insights on the journey to the cloud, the first steps organisations should be taking, and how to break this down into an easy-to-understand framework and steps to begin the migration.

Brian Wilson from Intervate partner, WiredLight, in the United Kingdom, will be presenting a customer case study that demonstrates first-hand experience of moving a large, complex organisation to a hybrid model. He will be addressing the how, when, where and what not to do when considering the move to hybrid, including legislation, practicalities, governance, bandwidth constraints and more. Presentations will conclude on the topic of the future of the cloud, how this is changing the world we live in and what this means for business right now.

“Those attending the Journey to the Cloud will gain a working knowledge of what is happening within the Microsoft cloud space and the state of the market. The main goal of the event is to help businesses gain a sense of the framework and structure they need for their journey, breaking it down into simple ‘bite-size’ chunks to simplify this often daunting task. In addition, attendees will be given the opportunity to interact with thought leaders in the industry, a valuable exercise for any business on the cloud journey,” Reid concludes.

The Journey to the Cloud takes place at the Davinci Hotel and Suites in Sandton, Johannesburg on Wednesday, 15 April 2015 and the African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel in Century City, Cape Town on Friday, 17 April 2015.

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