Intervate partners with KPMG on Finance event

KPMG will be presenting the results of its 5th annual Sourcing Advisory Pulse Survey at events in Johannesburg and Cape Town, on 24 and 30 April 2013, respectively. Through analysis of local organisations, the survey provides insight into trends and projections and compares these to global benchmarks. Results show that finance and accounting are key focus areas for improvement in performance and service delivery. The trend is to implement technology as a solution to improve processes and cut costs. By attending the event, companies can catch up on global trends within the financial, shared services and accounting arenas, as well as commentary and insight into improved productivity through technology.

In conjunction with KPMG, account payable and process automation specialist Intervate will present case studies and solutions on how organisations can improve manual finance processes through automation, thereby reducing the associated time and cost. The company will also reveal how an integrated software solution can augment a company’s existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) process for better results.

Using accounts payable as an example, Intervate will go on to demonstrate how organisations can accelerate processing by automating up to 98% of information capture. Reducing invoice processing time results in lower operating costs and even makes it possible to take advantage of early payment discounts.

Gia Thom, Intervate’s Business Development Manager for Imaging and Capture Solutions, comments: “We’ve seen organisations cut their rejections by 50%. This, in conjunction with automation of query handling, frees up the AP team, allowing them to focus on tasks requiring human intervention. At the same time, management gains additional visibility, allowing them to make better and quicker decisions.”

To attend and register for either the JHB event on 24 April or the CT event on 30 April, contact Talia Farber: