Intervate is in the business of using technology to make your business better.

We follow a design-led approach to understand our clients’ business needs and we deliver on an agile framework.

This approach enables our clients to lead and meet the demands in a constantly changing environment

We are your trusted-advisor technology partner in business.

Digital Transformation

Our Digital Transformation consulting focuses on one thing, The Customer’s Business Success.

We consult to ignite new ways-of-work, to create new business models and how tech can drive success.

Design Thinking

This is where our clients surface ideas that shift their business thinking, where new operating models arise, and where their customers are the focal point.

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Agile is a methodology that values:

  • Individuals and interactions, over processes and tools;
  • Functional deliverables, over comprehensive documentation;
  • Customer collaboration, over perpetual contract negotiation;
  • Responding to change, over following a rigid plan.

Agile projects have been proven to be more successful, reduce time to market, reduce waste, minimize uncertainty, increase productivity, quality and intra team (customer and vendor) morale.

It is for this reason that Intervate favours the agile methodology when delivering projects to our customers. However should you prefer to operate using a waterfall methodology we are happy to discuss your requirements and needs.

Intervate uses the SCRUM process framework and this is shown to the right. SCRUM provides a set of practices that enable Intervate to be agile in its approach and delivery and ensures that we provide exceptional customer satisfaction.


Sticki is a change management methodology focused on user adoption.

STICKi’s objectives are:

  • To understand the sponsor vision for introducing a new solution or organisational change that is being brought into the organisation.
  • To ensure the intent to change is aligned to business expectations and outcomes around value to be delivered to the organisation.
  • To guide stakeholder understanding of the cultural impact and influence on workforce stability that change brings via multiple variables.

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One of our STICKi offerings focuses on user adoption of Microsoft Office 365.

STICKi for Office 365 can help your organisation understand your business needs, and match those needs to the Office 365 suite. It assesses the level of training and coaching required and helps you leverage your technology investment effectively.

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