Accessing SAP via a Chatbot






The Business Problem

As an innovation project, Intervate, a T-Systems company identified two business problems that could be solved by a chatbot.  Intervate identified two such problems, one was the sales team getting invoices out of SAP Financials and the second was Room Booking whilst on the move.  Two relatively common challenges that would, when solved, solve two legitimate business problems and prove the case for chatbots in business.

The Solutions

SAP Access – With the user already authenticated into Skype for Business or in the web interface, Pipa understands the permissions of every user, and helps staff requesting documents from deep within the SAP environment. Staff no longer have to wade through complex back-end systems; instead, they can retrieve documents with just a simple chat conversation. Conservatively, we estimate that this saves Account Managers 7-8 hours per month – time that used to be spent searching for documents. In a team of 25 account managers, this adds up to a significant annual saving of over 1500 man hours

Meeting Room Booking – across the various T-Systems and Intervate regions, meeting room systems tended to differ and weren’t always integrated with one another. With Pipa, these systems are consolidated into one helpful, chat-based interface. Based on a short conversation to understand your requirements, she’ll find appropriate rooms. Staff can even invite colleagues & customers to meetings using Pipa, and sessions will be automatically synced to one’s Outlook calendar. If a previously-unavailable room becomes available, she’ll send you a message to let you know.

The integration with the Bot Framework can be via Skype for Business, Slack, Facebook and any number of solutions.

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Intervate helps the Johannesburg Roads Agency Solve Service Delivery Issues

The Business Problem

Although responding to pothole problems, nonfunctioning traffic lights, missing manhole covers, and other road issues, is a function that falls on the shoulders of the JRA, it actively invites citizens to log issues. Until now, people have been required to log issues via a centralised City of Johannesburg call centre.

The JRA’s strategy to become more accessible and more accountable meant it needed to provide more avenues for people to report problems.

Public feedback has also indicated that, at times of high call volumes, motorists tend to regard the call centre as a sub-optimal way of processing requests.

The Solution

After considerable investigation the JRA opted to create a mobile application that would allow motorists to instantly and conveniently submit road issues to the agency – from their phones, from wherever they may be.

It was critical that this framework could tightly integrate with the JRA’s core operations – issuing tasks to repair teams and monitoring their progress in real time. In this way, the JRA benefits by increased efficiencies and more automated workflows.

The JRA selected Intervate, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and winner of numerous Microsoft Partner Awards, to assist them on this journey. Intervate’s selection was based on its experience in developing business and community mobile apps.

The screen shots below show some of the screens from the Android version of the app.

More information can also be found at

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